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Last night I had a dream there was zombie attack and naturally I, like most people, decided to get the hell out of dodge. I was running down a street and found this house that looked very well fortified that was owned by this disheveled middle age guy (who looked like Sam from Fringe). I managed to convince him to let me in. Some other people came in too, other survivors and etc.

While zombies shuffled around outside the middle age guy (I'll call him Sam) showed us around his house. Apparently he was an antiques collector and had a wall of antique jewelry. I was particularly drawn to this very large, oddly shaped necklace that had hieroglyphs on it so I grabbed it and put it on. Everyone started freaking out because they could no longer see me. I was invisible.

One of the other people, a frumpy, middle aged woman, asked if she could see the necklace to try it on. For some reason I agreed but when she put it on nothing happened for her. Sam said that the necklace must've been intended for me.

Other people looking at the jewelry on the wall were drawn to other pieces and when they tried them on they also got different powers. Unfortunately I can't remember what they were.

Eventually Sam revealed he had an escape plan. His house was behind a river and he had a barge all set up with supplies. We all got on the boat but I had a strange feeling that two bad things were going to happen to the people with us. One was going to try to take the boat on his own and the other (a kid) got infected with the zombie virus by drinking water from the river and was slowly turning.

Sam told the infected kid that was a bad idea because we had bottled water but the infected kid didn't know and he was just really thirsty. We had to get rid of the infected kid unfortunately and the one who wanted to take the boat got to stay but was heavily guarded.

We headed down the river and managed to make it to Atlantic City (I don't know how geography works or if there's already a river there, this is just what I dreamed). Apparently things were still up and running in a few high rise motels. The hotel staff promised a zombie free night and had guards who stayed up in shifts and killed zombies as they came close. Not sure what the price to stay at one of those hotels was but comments were made on people still trying to make a quick buck despite an apocalypse. Not that money was really needed anymore so it might've been barter or something.

And then I woke up.


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