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Ever notice how when tragedy happens, people are willing to give things but only to that thing? They're like "I wanna donate money but only to such and such place. Can you make that for the hurricane victims?"

That's perfectly fine, I completely advocate it, and I feel like a hypocrite saying it sometimes but...what about the other people? Y'know, abused women, homeless people (pre hurricane), and etc? Nevermind them.

I mean, yes, you could argue "Get a job!" or something like that but...don't you think they've tried? The job market being how it is, it's very hard to do so. Especially when you have no place to live and no money to buy and clothes to even look presentable. That's just for the homeless people (pre hurricane). Abused women? Children?

I don't donate as much as I should but...I guess there isn't enough $ to go around.

In our fair city, we have hundreds of survivors coming to stay here (or so I heard on the news). I talked to a lady yesterday who was buying toys for her son's cats, whom she's taking care of for her son that was in the hurricane. I also saw at Louisiana license plate at my school.

One of the guys here had family members living there. 41 of them. Now they're all coming to live with him. Can you imagine fitting 42 (+him) people in a house? The ages range from 2 to adult.

There are also a bunch (like 100+) coming to stay at this ranch thing in the country..

We're having a party for my fraternity (Girls and Guys frat. They need another word for it.) and so we're bringing like money for donation and canned goods and stuff. It's a luau. I don't do luau.

I need to go buy a lei.

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