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So, I was taking pictures of products at work today, and I thought I'd show people the ceiling. I think it's gorgeous. The store used to be a grocery store back in the 1920s and everything's been redone except for the back workshop and office, which features these metal ceilings.

The detail is great. It may not be much for other places but...for this rinky dink city, I'm impressed.

The office is really narrow, which leads me to think it might've been the meat locker or something back when it was a store. Or maybe just an office. Who knows? It's fascinating, though. I love history.

Oh! And also, speaking of history...weirdly, there are swastikas on a building downtown. But no, there weren't nazis here (Not that I know of). The building was built before World War II and before Hitler was a dumbass and took the symbol to mean his thingy, it was actually used a long long time before.

More about the symbol. I might try to go down there some time and take a picture of the building.

(UPDATE: After searching the net, I found a picture of it! It's better than I'd ever take. The symbols are in red.

And Indians too! Cool huh? It's called the Hamilton Building and it was Built in 1927. World War II started on September 1, 1939.)

My town is also in Ripley's Believe it or Not! But as I don't want the entire world to know where I live, people who know me can ask me why is is. :)


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