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I went to Hastings to find a present for my friend who's graduating. While there I found a necklace I thought was pretty and I also ran into a friend who I used to go to school with. She works at Hastings and was about to leave. So she leaves, leaving her co-workers there. There are two girls and a guy sitting on a footstool.

We get to talking about funny random stuff and the guy makes a funny comment. Then another, then another. He's incredibly witty. Well, by now I'm eating out of the palm of his hand. I wind up staying AND HOUR AND A HALF, talking with the two girls and the guy.

Along the way while we're talking I find out he's under 21 and still in school, which means he could be anywhere from 5-8 years younger than me. But he's oh so witty. I wanted to ask him out but I chickened out.

In the end he was like "well, this was fun...I guess." but being witty I think he was just being dry and sarcastic. He looked like a cuter, taller Bleeker from Juno and the girl he worked with sounded and looked like Juno.

So we parted ways and I saw him in the parking lot but I walked quickly to my car because I didn't want him to think I was stalking him. I didn't buy the necklace.

Is 5 years too young? Did he think I was some creepy old lady? I always get carded, but I told him where I work, and I kept lapsing into saying 'y'know' every ten seconds. Then I pointed it out...twice. I think I was trying too hard.

He was just so funny, so effortlessly funny and snappy. I couldn't leave. He had to announce he had to go before I would. I want a guy just like him.

He was probably gay, though. Or taken.


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