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Midweek: 10/5/09 to 10/8/09

I figured I'd write midweek because I can never remember what I did/ate during the week.

Monday: Tried Cinnamon Spice Oatmeal for breakfast. REALLY good. Drunk a Slim Fast for lunch. I like them because they're easy to "eat" and you fill up, for at least awhile. For dinner I had the other half of my subway sandwich with light mayo and fresh spinach.

Tuesday: Raisin Spice oatmeal. Also really good. The variety pack is a great idea. Slim Fast for lunch. Still not regretting having it for lunch or craving anything else. I kind of look forward to it. Worked out, wasn't sore, though my legs from LAST week didn't want to work when I tried to work my inner thighs. Stopped when it felt like they were pulling.

Been eating a banana and cheese before I work out. It helps with my foot cramps immensely. I don't feel them anymore. I'm fairly certain its a calcium/potassium problem that makes my muscles cramp up.

While working out on the weights I heard a couple of men lifting weights...and you could tell they were lifting weights. Two separate men, each with their own distinctive...sounds, while lifting. One was the 'I'm so constipated' sound (ugnnnnn!... uggggn!) and the other was 'The sex baboon' (oooh!... oooh!... oooh!). Very funny. My workout partner and I giggled the entire time.

Wednesday: Maple and Brown sugar Oatmeal. Still yummy. Slim Fast. Broke down and had a handful of reduced fat Cheezits. Not sore at all from workout. Boss's wife brought me dinner, as she sometimes does. She's a GREAT cook. She brought me spaghetti with bread. I had it with a salad.

Thursday (Today): Apple and Cinnamon Oatmeal. Good, not as flavorful as I imagined though. Coworker's girlfriend brought friendship bread. Had two tiny pieces. I regret it because it makes me feel blah from all the sugar. Going to have slim fast for breakfast, workout tonight.
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Week of 9/28/09 to 10/4/09

Monday: No groceries on Sunday so I had a Carnation Instant Breakfast. Had a sandwich from our quiznos food court with guacamole for lunch and water, dinner...I don't remember. Went to the grocery store to buy groceries. Got strawberries and peaches for oatmeal.

Tuesday: Oatmeal with fresh strawberries. Faboo. Had pizza for lunch. You can see where my cravings start to peak. But I went to work out with Zumba. Got kinda bored.

Wednesday: Oatmeal/Strawberries. Had a TV dinner for lunch, one of the pasta al dente things.

Thursday: Oatmeal/Peaches, felt guilty for all the junk food, bought a slim fast for lunch. Got bored with Zumba so worked out on the machines, weights, etc.

Friday: OMFG sore. STILL sore, even on Today. Hard to move arms and legs. Didn't feel like I pulled anything but still sooo sore. Went to lunch in cafeteria. Had chicken fried steak, fries, salad, pie. Naughty naughty.

Saturday: Had to take car in to shop so sister picked me up, had breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon). We went garage sale-ing at an entire neighborhood sale, walked around for a few hours. Pizza for dinner.

Sunday: GAINED TWO POUNDS (but kind of expected it) Still guilty from bad food week, bought slim fast to drink at lunch. Plan on having it for lunch all week except for Friday. Bought flavored spice-based oatmeals (cinnamon, raisin, apple, maple, etc) for breakfast during the week. Plan on healthy choice/lean cuisine/smart ones medley for dinners. See how that goes.
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9/21/09 to 9/27/09

(I guess it should be health progress as well)

Monday: Breakfast, regular oatmeal with fresh peaches and a glass of milk (and a multivitamin + B12 supplement as always) Had to add some sugar to oatmeal because it was somewhat akin to eating dried out grass without it, even with the peaches. In the evening I bought a sports bra, shoes and some workout pants. Expensive but worth it. Unrelated, I also put on sunscreen every day. I'm a tiny bit afraid of skin cancer, but I mostly started doing it because I'm fair skinned and sunburn easily. It makes me feel better when I go out, like coconut smelling armor.

Tuesday: Same breakfast, this time with a little sugar and a little milk added preemptively. Good stuff. Workout partner couldn't come to Zumba but I went anyway. Still working on the coordination skills. Ate a banana and drank a glass of milk before hand. Shoes worked great. I think the combination of shoes+food (calcium, potassium) helped prevent foot cramping. My foot kept feeling like it wanted to cramp but my shoes kept it from doing so. Not as sore this time, if at all. Really sweaty, though and very red faced. But I'm Irish so that's a given. A little cold when I went outside, starting to turn fall.

Wednesday: Woke up with sore throat. Same breakfast (When I like something I eat it until I get sick of it), still good. Ended up dropping a sliver of peach on the floor. Cats went for peach, discovered they don't like it. They like fresh spinach, though. I caught cold from coworker. Got Cabo turkey club from Quiznos. Asked for small, got regular by mistake but got it for free. Only had half of it. Brought Smartwater from home so had that to drink with it (I do this every day too). I like Smartwater because it has electrolytes in it and it tastes good. Dasani gets a little minerally after it gets warmer. Aquafina's good too.

Thursday: Stayed home with congestion fest and sore throat. Felt like about 20 of those Mucinex guys were hanging around my sinuses. Got worse near the end of the day with sinus pressure. Didn't go anywhere except the couch. Bought Starbucks Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin the previous day, had that for brunch (they only come out with those muffins in the fall so I had to get one). Had other half of sandwich from lunch Wednesday for dinner. I didn't have that much of an appetite, though, except for DayQuil and water.

Friday: Okay, so I bought two muffins on Wednesday. They were really good. Had the other one for breakfast. For lunch, had a tiny bit of nachos with lots of lettuce and water for drink (normally I have apple juice). Also had a piece of cake. Fell off the bandwagon a little but I'm crawling after it to get back on. Still had congestion and felt a little crappy but not as bad as Thursday. Forgot what I had for dinner.

Saturday: Hung out with friend, had hamburger from Burger King, bottle of water for drink. No breakfast, simply because I slept pretty late because I took NyQuil the night before. The only thing I drink that's not water now is milk. I actually like water better because it doesn't taste like I'm drinking liquid sugar and I actually feel quenched. Usually in the past if I had a lot of sugary drinks I felt bleh. Had oatmeal with peaches for dinner.

Bought furniture for house (desk and bench), so helped delivery guy bring it in. Desk was HEAVY, made me sweat. I guess that's a workout?

Sunday: Ran out of peaches, had oatmeal with bananas for breakfast. It was okay but I like the peaches better. Went to do laundry at parent's house. Had a egg sandwich on whole wheat bread. I actually liked the whole wheat bread for once. Will most likely get it again. I really enjoy 9 grain bread. Gained back two pounds over the week. Must've been water weight I shed before. Might've gained it back because of being sick? Will do better. Did better on sugar intake (normally I have a LOT more)

Next week, well, this week, back to exercise. I can actually breathe now.
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Week of 9/13/09 to 9/20/09:

Monday: Nada, did not eat sugar except for Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate)

Tuesday: Worked out on machines. Same breakfast, no desserts. Felt good, better to take shower at night then during work.

Wednesday: Breakfast, peaches and cream oatmeal with real peaches. No work out. No dessert.

Thursday: Did Zumba class, gave serious thought to new sports bra, shoes, socks. Got foot cramp for good 5 minutes straight. Breakfast, oatmeal. No dessert.

Friday: OMG Sore (calves, abs), tried to give co-workers my stockpile of sugar so I would not be tempted. No desserts. Back to carnation instant breakfast as I ran out of oatmeal.

Saturday: Chillaxed with a Grey's Anatomy Season 5 marathon. Couple of spoonfuls of ice cream.

Sunday: Went to do laundry, found out lost 2.5 pounds. Bought new socks, shoes and bra come 9/21. Had a couple of cookies.

So I'm going to keep up this reduced sugar thing, to give myself something to look forward to instead of having it all the time. Better for my teeth, reduces chance of diabetes, helps lose weight. I want to lose twenty pounds, mostly from the girls. That way my BMI will be better and I won't be considered "overweight."
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Got your attention didn't it? No, I didn't mean the bed kind of physical. ;)

This week I started working out with a friend at our newly built workout center. Tuesday we did some work on the machines. Last night, Thursday, we took a Zumba class.

And holy mother of god. This exclamation is a combination of positive and negative attributes. Positively, the work out was good, I could feel every part of me being worked. Negatively, the same thing. I'm sore, but luckily not 'must stay home because I pulled something' sore.

I also have no coordination. While everyone was going one way, I was going the other way. And the mirrors made it even more evident. But I enjoyed it. I like working out. It makes me feel better.

My friend and I plan on doing it every Tuesday and Thursday until we get better.


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