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Work has been going well, I guess. I've slipped into the routine rather easily. The woman I work with and I have established a...tolerance. Most people at my work say she's probably bipolar (and I believe them). Some days she'll completely ignore me. Other days she'll be like...blurting out rainbows or something. Very happy.

There's a guy I like at work. He's one of the "providers." I can't tell if he's dating anyone or married. He doesn't have a ring and talk around the office seems to indicate he lives alone. But there is a picture of a little girl on his desk. He's about 25 and is really really hot. But I'm afraid being new and screwing up a lot will mar his impression of me. I want to work up the nerve to ask him out but A.) I'm afraid he's already taken and B.) I'm afraid he'll be against interoffice relationships.

I actually like what I do. I don't like being bored. And this job makes sure I get my share of busy. Busy with work and busy with crazy people. And I get free food once or twice a week. It's good. The only thing that's kicking my ass is the hours. I'm used to working 12-6 not 8-5.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in listening for the phone ringing that I hear it at home. Heh


15/2/08 22:35
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My dad got laid off 2 or 3 weeks ago.
I got "laid off" last week.
My mom is getting laid off in March.

Unemployment must love us.

I hate this crap.
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I don't know what to do. I might be losing my job, I might not. My boss just doesn't have enough money to pay me right now in the foreseeable future. This week, he'll be able to pay me. Next week, maybe. The week after that...who knows?

He used to own a business before but it closed down and he wanted to sell the inventory to get the capital to help with this business but so far no one's bought it yet after 4 months.

As it's my first and only job, and I'll have been here 5 years come August, I'm loyal and a little biased, hoping it'll pick back up...but what if it doesn't?

I have my computer to pay off and school and such...

I wish this job wasn't going under potentially because there are a lot of pros: Weekly pay, off whenever I want (but I don't take off ever, even when I'm sick), flexibility around my school hours, pretty much a lot of free time, my work Kitty Hercules, stable hours...

But I'm not sure if I'm on a sinking ship or not. Should I wait?

I asked him if I should be looking for another job...he said he hoped not.

My mom's already telling me about jobs she found.

Gah. *headdesk*
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We're doing really good at work. Lots of orders. I think it's the pictures.

Saturday seems to be a big thing. People want me to go everywhere. My sister wants me to babysit. My boss offered for me to go with him to this class in Dallas for a computer program, and I wanted to do a murder mystery dinner thing at my house. What should I do?

(As I was/am going to see if you, Kelly, Kelly's man, Bobo, and company wanted to do it, Crystal. :) My friend Brette and her fiance (!!) might (should) come. We're gonna order asian food and stuff.)


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