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With New Moon coming out tomorrow the fans will be coming out in droves. On the Today show dozens of screaming girls all lined up a day in advance for a chance to see Robert Pattinson.

I find the fan/anti-fan complexities of the Twilight Saga intriguing. Some are either rabid fans to the point where they camp outside the movie theater all night for tickets or have their rooms plastered with posters (grown women to preteen girls), or they are rabid haters of book, automatically jeering the mention of the franchise and getting into wars with fans about it.

I have read the books and watched the first movie, the books mainly to see what all the fuss was about. I found myself wanting to know what happens in the story, but after all was said and done I didn't find myself becoming a "Twi-Hard" like so many girls can become. Edward and Bella's 'love' was a little one dimensional but everything around it (the people, the events) was more interesting. I thought overall it was an imaginative story, not great, but I admire Stephanie Meyer's ability to be able to entrance so many people.

It's the fandom and the anti-fandom that intrigues me the most.

Being witness to a phenomenon that brings so many lovers and haters to the table, something that at many times exceeds the Harry Potter trend, is fascinating.

On one blog I read somewhere they were talking about the fandom and how that Twilight is a fandom that women are not afraid to say they're fans of because there are thousands more who are also fans. You have something common to talk about.

Men have action movies, comic books, and SciFi, but generally when something is brought up (ie Star Trek, Star Wars), others are not quick to say how it is hated. This is not to say women don't like these things (I am a woman, I like these things), but with Twilight this dislike is because something is automatically "stupid" or etc. The general discussion between Star Trek vs. Star Wars, as far as I've seen, usually doesn't call one or the other if it is disliked 'stupid.' Harry Potter, other than the early claims of it being 'satanic' does not get as much flack. The blog argued that men are threatened by this because the idea of "fangirls" of something is an alien concept to them. Yes, there are romantic comedies and etc, but nothing seems so unifying at the moment as Twilight.

It raises questions: Is Twilight hated by some people because they are subconsciously influenced by others and automatically see 'crap' because everyone else says its crap without giving it a second look? Are they afraid to admit to others they have even a spark of interest for fear of the backlash? Does it make someone a lesser person to admit they like something? In discussions about the books/movie with others I see a balance between the lovers and the haters, but there are also those in-between.

I often have to ask people privately what they really think about the book, and that is only when I hear the truth. I don't hear the automatic hatred they show around groups of people but more objective opinions. I also do hear the same dislike for the book as before, but for the other people the private one on one conversation is easier because they aren't shunned for panned for their reactions.

Am I defending the books/movie? I recognize it for what it is: a phenomenon, for better or worse. The amount of press and interest/disinterest is prolific. Culturally, the impact is amazing. The national news takes time out from talk about politics to bring up something one woman wrote about that sparked a movie, dolls, food, and etc.

But fandom is not a new thing. The fandom for this will eventually fade and something else will take its place. The era of reality TV has died down, as has superhero movies. Vampires and the supernatural are the current trend. What's next? It will be fun to find out.
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Twilight Saga, Here there be Spoilers )

I don't plan on reviewing the movie yet as I haven't seen it, but I have made a few observations:

I kind of feel sorry for Robert Pattinson. He is pretty, but he seems so shy and proper (not a bad thing). All of these girls foaming at the mouth for him...he seems a bit wide eyed and bewildered and weirded out.

Yes, I would be too. I love certain shows but man...I wouldn't go fangirl like that outwardly. I'm more of an internal fan.

And Kristen Stewart...please smile. You kind of look grumpy all of the time. And a little bitchy. But I think that's just how you look and you don't mean to, so I won't fault you for it. Just smile more. Thanks.


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