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As of Tuesday I became the sleep-deprived owner of a 4-6 week old kitten that was abandoned either by his mother or someone else by a lake near one of our university's buildings. I have named him Winston. Well, Winston Pantclimber technically.

The kitten had a thick crust over his eyes and was taken to the vet, where he was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and the possibility of worms.

He's been given a regime to take that I have to give him morning, afternoon, and night and has been confined to my bathroom for 10 days as I have two girl cats that he could spread the stuff to.

Luckily he can eat solid food and use the litter box, however the concept of covering things is a work in progress. But he is healing beautifully and is very rambunctious.

Being so young, he's desperate for attention and I have two jobs that will keep me from getting home until 7 pm at night. I come home for my lunch break and spend a half an hour with him, then spend an hour and a half with him at night but I know he's lonely and incredibly bored. I have toys for him but after 10 days even I would be sick of them.

It's been about two years since I've had to be around a kitten and even then my girls had their mother.

Does any one have any tricks or something that'll keep him occupied? Something cheap preferably. And also kitten tips in general would be awesome.

Thank you!!!!!!

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