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I have two jobs, which means I go to work at about 8 and get home about 6:30-7:00pm, sometimes earlier. I only work an hour to an hour and a half for five days a week but my boss at my other job wants me to work on Saturdays sometimes.

I feel guilty but is it wrong to just want to RELAX on that day? Or get things done? By the time I get off work no oil change place is open during the week. Doctors appointments are plan way ahead.

I told him I'd try to tack some more time during the week. I just hate the concept of going in on a Saturday. I'm the only employee he has, and he needs me, and I try to do what I can, but I already work so many hours so far. He says I'm making excuses and just to tell him if I want to not work on Saturdays, tell him. He says we're behind.

On the one hand, sometimes I want to quit that job, but he does need me and I would have to train my replacement. But on the other hand, I want the extra money. He also can't really afford to have someone work full time anyway. Or barely even part time. If he can't come up with payment sometimes I'm flexible and I don't know if someone else might be if they're dependent.
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I hope I don't jinx it, but I love my job. It can get hectic sometimes and sometimes I worry I don't know what I'm doing, but it's nice to feel needed. And how many jobs can you say you plan parties and exhibition openings and go on field trips out of town?

I get food from Japan. I get cookies. I get clothes (two pairs of pants and shoes). I get to get discounts on lunch at the cafeteria. I get to borrow movies and books from the library for FREE. I get to go to gym for FREE (once I get my butt up into going, that is). 90% of the people are awesome and friendly and my coworkers say they will probably keep an eye out for any potential guys for me to hookup with (they suggest trying the donors to the University).

Wouldn't that be awesome?

There is this lady that rents this office out from my boss. She's a doctor's wife and uses it as an art studio. She doesn't work. She goes to India and Africa and all these places. I can't even imagine having a life like that.
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I got a call about 45 minutes ago from the local college. I got a job as the secretary for the art department. My cousin, other cousin, and my cousin's wife all work there.
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I had an interview today at the local hospital for a receptionist position. They seemed to like me because they called me back for another, final interview tomorrow at 11.

In a way, I want it. It seems like it'll be cool. Good pay. Good benefits. Exercise center.

But there's also a job with the college being a secretary that I want that also has good stuff too. I've been wanting that for awhile.

I'm about 75% sure I'm going to get the one at the hospital. It'd be four blocks from my apartment too.

I'm just torn.
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I was supposed to have an interview today. I arrived and the lady told me that she had an emergency at the ER otherwise she would've called me so I wouldn't have had to come in.

Now I'm supposed to have one on monday. She's supposed to call me back. This is the second time she's rescheduled me. If I don't get the job, that will be unfortunate.

I suppose I'm a little bit more mad because it's taken awhile to get a job. My boss says I should have two interviews a week and most people sometimes wait 7 months to find a job. "People your age get out of college and expect things to be handed to them."

I don't know, maybe.

I have to go pick up a job application for a mattress company on monday at 1. My other interview is...I dunno when.

I plan on staying the night at the apartment on Sunday and going places on Monday. We'll see.
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Job hunting is depressing. But there are some glass half full things.

I had one interview today. The guy said he didn't have any positions open but he had been thinking of hiring someone to do graphics for outdoor signs. He said he'd give it some more thought and get back to me next week.

Then later today a lady from the local hospital called. I have another interview (the 2nd one) for a receptionist position there. There are three levels of interviews there: initial with human resources (done), interview with manager/supervisor (doing), and then interview with coworkers.

Hopefully if they like me well enough then I will be interviewed by the co-workers that same day. I would love to get the job. You get benefits and everything. Good pay. Etc.

Then I can start buying stuff for my apartment.

*crosses fingers*
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I've applied more places than I can think of...

Local hospital (two positions)
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Hertz Rent-a-Car
Avis Rent-a-Car
Police Clerk
Leasing Agent for Apartment Complex

I applied for two more places but those are the ones that likely having the most prospect of becoming reality:

1.) Hilton Hotel--I had an interview with the manager. She seemed very interested.
However, there are some cons:
+) Pay is $7.50 an hour. I don't know if I can afford to survive on that much. I have student loans to pay off, car insurance, groceries, gas, etc.
+) The hours are 7 am to 3pm (I'd have to wake up at 6 am at the latest, 5:30 at the earliest)
or 3pm to 11 pm, which I hear is the worse shift.
+) Intense training program with tests

The Pros:
+)Opportunity for advancement and pay raises
+)Company provides uniforms

2.) First Step, a domestic violence shelter. Working at the front desk. I was leaving the apartment complex place and the lady that was in line ahead of me asked if I was looking for a job. I said yes. She said they desperately need people to work. She gave me her card and told me to talk to her tomorrow.

I don't know what the pay is or if it includes benefits.

It'd be nice to get a job in a couple of weeks as opposed to a month like last time. Maybe it'll be a better job. I don't know if I want to go with the Hilton job or wait until a better one comes along. I'd prefer one that's 8-5.

My sister and I moved her couch in and some end tables into the apartment. My mom gave me a housewarming gift (a fake plant).

I went into the apartment and just kind of sat on the couch for a few minutes. It's nice, to know how it feels, to imagine what it'll be like.

And, I don't know if I'm giving off the wrong impression, but I'm not suicidal. Things are down but it'll get better. Thanks for the condolences, though.
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As I said yesterday, I lost my job. Thanks guys for the condolences.

But what I also didn't mention was...I also got my first apartment the very same day. Perhaps it was a sign..I'd been miserable in the job. Maybe my bosses wanted to spare me.

They said that I wasn't a "good fit." I was "intelligent and talented, but my mind was wide ranged and it probably wasn't good to have me in a place that was so narrow."

I think the ladies I work with have a hand in my departure. Anyway, I got a severance check.

I spent the rest of the day at my other job and then I went to the bank to withdraw the deposit and half the first month's rent for my apartment.

The ad for the apartment was on Craigslist. I replied to the lady and went to see it the day before yesterday. It was absolutely gorgeous, and all bills paid including internet and satellite TV. My mom came by to see it. Naturally, I said I wanted it.

So, the good and the bad happened...I have enough for two months rent. My mom said if I don't have a job between now and then she'll help me out. I hope to have a job between now and then. My sister's also said she'll talk to her husband about letting me borrow a living room set (couch, loveseat, side tables, lamps) they weren't using and some plates.

Life's funny like that. I'm a little depressed they let me go but I'm happier now that I think about it. Relieved. And I have a place I absolutely love. I plan on moving there in June. Here are some pictures in case you're curious.


9/5/08 14:55
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I got fired today.
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Thanks for the posts :)

It's...kinda better today. I don't wanna SAY that cause I think I'll jinx it but anyway...there it is. :)

I also had an observation about the human body...whenever your getting ready to do something challenging you take a breath...I wonder if that's subconsciously to get more oxygen to the body so the brain will work better?


6/5/08 18:46
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I want to apologize for my behavior and RP style lately. I think stress from from work is leeching into everything else. I've gotten clingy OOC and aggressive IC.

I think I know why. I don't feel like the ladies and I at work are friends. I don't think I'm fitting in too well so what people I am social with...I've found myself clinging to them because they're actually nice to me when the others aren't. I fit in. I'm cared about. And I crave that, because I get so much animosity for 9 hours a day.

As for the aggressiveness...I dunno...I think in situations where there is an opening to be aggressive...I think I take it and overly make it so. Maybe it's subconscious because I can't voice my opinions at work. Maybe I'm used to repressing my anger.

I'd like to find a way around it. I'm aware of how this affects my Cs relationships.

And I hope the tide changes at work.
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Today was very busy.

I had a lot of information to learn, it made my head hurt.

Our "boss" took me and this girl training with us out to eat and bought lunch.

Brain breaky.
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I went a number of places to go shopping.

I bought a pair of pants, a tanktop thing, and a shirt from Old Navy.

Then I went to New York & Company and bought a shirt. The lady said I wore a medium. I don't feel like a medium. I'm used to wearing x-large or sometimes even x-x-large.

I guess it depends on the place.

Bought a looot of stuff yesterday. Including shoes and sunglasses. I kind of went shop crazy. I might need to buy some more stuff if I'm going to be wearing a lot of dressy stuff for work.

I'm sort of scared too. I hope I can do the job. It doesn't seem hard. And it's good money.

I plan on staying there for awhile. I hope I can stay there for awhile.


10/3/08 11:33
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I just got a job!!!!

The guy called me at 11 am-ish and said "We'd like to offer you an opportunity." I'd had two interviews with them. The first one was just with the one guy. The next one was with the guy and two doctors.

I was all nervous because I wasn't sure if I was going to get it because I didn't know if I hadn't said enough and etc. But I did!

It'll be $9.00 an hour and after 90 days they said they might up my pay. I get health insurance, 16 paid sick days a year, paid time off if I get jury duty, and some other stuff I forgot.

I start on Monday, 9 am. This week I'm going to go buy some new work clothes. This weekend I'm going to celebrate at the Irish rock festival thing downtown.

I hope I can do the job.
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I went on an interview yesterday for a mental health clinic. The guy said he'd call me next week no matter what to say whether or not I was going to come back in for a second interview.

He called me back today and asked me to come back in TOMORROW at 4 to meet with the doctors and the "providers" (the people who give the clinic money).

I need to find something to wear.

If I get the job, the first thing I'm going to do is have a celebratory dinner with friends.
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I have a job interview tomorrow! A receptionist job.

*crosses fingers*
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It seems to be that myself and a lot of my online friends have the same problem: finding a job.

The job market is kind of sucktastic right now, I guess. At least everyone else is getting interviews. That's really good. It means people are interested in them potentially.

I've not gotten any callbacks. I've applied over ten places but no one's really responded to me.

Every job site I can think of has my resume.

On Monday I plan on applying some more places...a receptionist job, some bank teller jobs (see if anywhere has an opening)...

I just have to keep trying.

I've got my life planned...I've got ideas of what it'll be like. I just need to get it started. You'd think you pay so much money to go to college and that it'll get your foot in the door...I guess depending on what you do it doesn't really work that way.

I went to the job fair forever ago and a couple of people seemed interested but I didn't take them up on their offer because I had a job back then. I don't know if it'll be too late now to respond back. I don't know if it'll require me to move somewhere else.

Once I get a job I want to stay home for a couple of months and save my money for a contingency fund, as well as for money to spend on necessities for my apartment.

I've looked before for when Kim and I were going to move in so I know how much things cost for a one bedroom too. I don't think we're going to move in together. It seems like lately she's angry with me.

I have money saved for when I was going to New York but it looks like that isn't going to happen so I'm going to put it toward my apartment...or to pay off my student loans when they come up due in May or June.

My dad says that the lack of employment always seems to happen around the coming election. I don't know. I've never paid attention to those sort of things. Now I do. I'm slowly waking up.

I think I'll do alright. I'm a planner, for the most part. I like to know what to expect. At first I know it'll be a rocky road but I think I'll get things on course. I'm a fast learner.
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Please let me get this secretary job at the college. It would be perfect. It'd get $1604.00 a month before taxes, with benefits. $19,248 a year. I still live at home so I could save up for a "moving out" fund.

And on school holidays I'd likely be off work. They also have a gym, the library, a Starbucks right in the same building, and a food court.

I submitted my application last monday. The lady at the career management center who helped me with my resume said that it might take two weeks for them to process it because they get a lot of applications.

I hope I get an interview.
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Also the name of a dude in the bible.

My boss told me I should start looking for another job so I did. I applied for a few places: a secretary at my old college, a receptionist at a senior citizens center, a management in training at Hertz Rent-a-car.

The boss still wants me to come in two or three times a month to do work. I can maybe come in on Saturdays or something. I'm just so SCARED. It's the only second job I've had and I loved working for my old boss. It was a really really good job. He was very flexible and I could get off whenever I wanted and there wasn't a lot to do and he has the kitties at work that I love to play with.

I want to stay there. I've been there for five years and five months. I guess I'm scared of change.

Today I went to the "workforce commission" and applied...there are a lot of scary people there. The ladies seemed really keen to helping me, though. I guess because I was dressed in a suit.

The job I applied for, the secretary job, had me do a writing proficiency test. I got 94% accurate and 57 wpm. Expert and advanced levels.

If I get the secretary job, which is what I want the most, it'll be getting $1,600 (or so) with benefits.

Hopefully that'll be enough (after taxes and loans) to let me get out on my own. That's the next step.

I'm scared of that too.

When you step out of your routine, everything looks so new and different. Sometimes it's scary sometimes it's fun or

I don't know what to think of all this. It's happening all at once.