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I went to a haunted house last night for Halloween. It's been forever since I've been to one. I ended up being the leader of the group, or at least...the one at the front of the line. I think this was just how we filed in, though. I was a kitty, or at least I wore the ears. People liked them. And kept messing with them. You know who you are.

One girl clutched my arm while another girl clutched her arm and walked impossibly slow to the point where I was pulling the first girl along who was pulling the second. The haunted house was really good. It was maze with different images like that dude from Saw and Michael Myers and a mummy and a bloody bathroom and locker room and some creepy dude watching a staticy TV. People were crawling along floor (my friend accidentally stepped on one) and a dude with a chainsaw. There were also strobe lights, which really hurt my eyes and made me dizzy. I didn't like that at all.

At the end was the best whenever people came bursting out of these series of doors. The group after us ended having one of the girls hit her face on a door frame or something.

In other news...

I made an 88 on my REALLY hard test! I'm so happy.

And I got done with one of my scenes for directing class. Grade to follow, along with the grade for the test in that class I took as well.

Man, school makes me miss all the good TV shows. Thank Bob for TiVo.


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