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Chi Flat Iron One thing that I have purchased within the past few months that I cannot live without is my Chi Straightening Iron.

I've owned another straightening iron before and it was crap. This is the best iron I've ever owned.

Some tips:

1.) Buy the 44 Iron Guard, Silk Infusion, and Keratin Mist with the iron. I haven't tried it without these but I get the feeling it'd make my hair nice and crispy.

2.) I usually use the Silk Infusion first. Use a dime sized drop, otherwise it's going to get greasy.

Then I use the Iron Guard. Only spray it once on an area because if you do it multiple times it gets stiff.

Same with the Keratin Mist, only once on an area. I use that last.

3.)Use a paddle brush on hair if it's thick so it will go through hair more easily. Brush your hair first before you use the iron, then brush through in sections.

4.) Use it in front of a mirror so you can see what you're doing. It's kind of obvious but...y'know.

5.) When you put your CHI down, make sure to put it down on a dampened towel (not soaked, unless you want to look like Frankenstein's Wife). Usually I'll put my hair up in a towel when I get out of the shower and then use that towel, folding it, to put it down. This sucker gets hot. Be careful with it. I've burned myself plenty a-times until I got used to it. It can likely also burn fabric.

6.) You can do this routine two ways: 1. When you just get out of the shower or 2. I like to let my hair air dry the night before (or blow dry it) and then do it the next morning.

7.) In the shower I usually use a lot of conditioner on my hair. Do NOT put it on your roots or it'll get greasy. Put it near your tips. This may or may not make a difference with the CHI but my hair looks good.

After using the CHI my hair looks fantastic. Yours will too. You'll see. It's a great investment.



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