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As of today, 12/7, it was my last day of class.

I'm happy and sad. Though I might go back to get my teaching cert. for some high school or elementary.

Not sure. I want a break for awhile.

And to be able to go to New York. I still desperately, des-per-ate-ly want to go.

Otherwise, I'm fabulous. Been working on a city mural...thing to put on my wall. I cut all of it out, now I need to glue it together. Gonna ask the boss to help me.

This guy asked me out but I dunno if it's like..."out" or if it's to hang out...cause he's married.
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The end of something, the start of...something else...


I'm graduating from college on December 15th. I've already got the cap and gown, tassel thingy, cords to hang around my neck, invitations, etc. My mom's throwing me a party on the 15th too.

I'll be the first one in my entire family to graduate from college. I think I'm going to get a dress to wear. That'd be nice. If, maybe a little cold, but it'll be nice.

I'm nervous but ready to graduate. Everyone I tell previously thinks I'm graduating in May so when I tell them they're all surprised. I'm glad it's in December, because there's pretty lights and it's cold. Unlike my high school graduation where I nearly overheated and was blinded by the sun during the entire ceremony.

This ceremony is inside, however.

I think I'm going to do a Day in my Life thing for that day too. That way it'll be captured in time and such.

I'm trying to decide if I want to get my hair cut again, this time with full bangs a la Mary Jane. Whatever I do, I need to get a haircut soon because the one I have is like completely covering my eyes.

So, there's my little buzz of excitement. I put up the Xander icon cause it has the word 'English' in it. I'm graduating with a degree in English, minor of mass comm and theatre.


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