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The birthday was okay. My coworkers forgot it was my birthday, but most of my family called me to tell me happy birthday. Steven got me an itunes giftcard (thanks!!!!) and my mom bought me dinner.

I miss spending every birthday out doing things with my mom. We're going to have a birthday party/housewarming party on Saturday though. It's going to be mighty busy.
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Usually my mother and I go on a trip to Dallas every year for my birthday. This year my mom decided to surprise me by taking me on a three day trip to Louisiana. Here, as a matter of fact.

I woke up at around 6:15 and then we went to my sister's house cause she told me that my sister's car broke down and we had to take her to work. Well we go and pick her up and then we pull up to this tour bus with a bunch of older people waiting outside of it.

I'm a little like...WTF? (but in a good way) And then my mom pulls out a suitcase from the trunk. We're going on the bus. Everybody knew it but me. Even my boss.

I could kind of suspect something, though, cause she roleplays on a PBEM group and told them that she would be away until Thursday so I was a little suspicious of something but I wasn't sure of what.

Anyway, I'm the youngest person on the tour...the next youngest is my mother. From there it only goes up...60, 70, 80, 90...Most of the people have grey hair and wrinkles. This isn't bad, though...I actually kind of like it because people are a lot more appreciative of history.

Everyone sang me happy birthday and people kept asking if I was having a good birthday. They're really nice.

We're going to see some plantations and such, and Kate Chopin's house is here too. I want to go see that.

We went to this really pretty restaurant and had a really awesome meal. It's called Mariner's. I had a ribeye steak, potatoes, salad, a pina colada, and dessert. I had to take the dessert back to the hotel with me.

By the way, the hotel room is GORGEOUS.

Before that we also went to Tyler, Texas, home of roses and a rose queen and everything. We saw the museum where their dresses were displayed. It was really pretty.

It was an uber long drive. We left at about 7 and kept driving, stopping only to really eat and look at the rose thing. Then we drove some more.

Louisiana is really humid and has a lot of water in places from the rain but it's pretty.

Tomorrow we're doing the whole plaintation thing.

Girly stuff behind cut )

Right now I'm on the hotel comp as I didn't bring Willow.

More tomorrow, possibly.

Oh! 4th grade teacher is on the trip with me. She's like 70 or 80.

Note for People in room: Can someone please log things for me? Please please? It won't let me log into IMC for some reason. I need to ask them about that.
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As my birthday approaches tomorrow (23rd) and I squee over the fabulous gifts my friends and family have brought me, it leaves me to wonder about birthdays and their significance.

Every year the birthday rolls around and parties and presents are given....did they do that cause early on people were like 'Hey, another year has passed and you weren't killed by a woolly mammoth! Here's a pastry.'

Why cake anyway? Why balloons for parties? Who thought some balls of blown up floating rubber would be festive? Or streamers? Isn't that more dirty than decorative? Looks like spider webs to me. Colorful, colorful spider webs.

But I do love the presents.


26/6/05 23:24
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You are elegant, withdrawn, and brilliant.
Your mind is a weapon, able to solve any puzzle.
You are also great at poking holes in arguments and common beliefs.

For you, comfort and calm are very important.
You tend to thrive on your own and shrug off most affection.
You prefer to protect your emotions and stay strong.

Yesterday my sister and I went out for a sister day because she wanted to spend time with me before I left. We went to see my friend who I haven't seen in five years (or longer) who just had a baby, then we went to Olive Garden and then the mall. We watched Bewitched. It was good. Not great, but good.

Last week me and the buds saw Batman Begins (!!!) and before that, the week before, we saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith (!!!). Anyway.

So...My sister is taking me home and there's all these cars there. It's a surprise birthday party. Cause my birthday's the 16th of July and I won't be here so they celebrated it early.

Almost all of my family was there with the exception of my aunt and uncle and my other aunt. There were cake and more cake and pizza and cheese and lil smokies and chips. It was good. And then Danae and Kelly showed up! (*waves*) Then I opened presents...and got a brand new laptop!

It's a gateway. It's got 60GB, 512MB RAM and all these goodies. I heart it. I named it Velma. (After scooby doo). My dad brought it for me. It was all his idea. It was neat. I thanked him like 4700 times.

Today, my mom and I went shopping for clothes for London and stuff. Of course, we had to get back because my dad can't stand to have my mom away from him for longer than couple of hours. Then it was family time at my sister's house and after that...more family time at my house.

All in all, good time spent. Except for the mini family problemfest but it was smoothed over for now.

Two weeks.

I should be happy. And I was. Part of me is still. There's unfinished business here.


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