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This is going to read like a laundry list but its mostly for future recollections.

7/14 (Sat): Mom took me to IHOP but it was very full so we went to Dennys instead. I got strawberry cream cheese pancakes and the usual egg/bacon/hashbrowns combo.

We went to see Spider-Man in 3D next (review forthcoming). I then went home and watched Ghostbusters and crashed.

7/15 (Sun): Went to the parents for breakfast then groceries, then left to head home and meet someone for date. We went and got steak. It was undercooked so they cooked it again and was overcooked (mostly, but still good except for a tiny bit of charred parts). The waitress wound up taking it off the ticket. I also got a birthday brownie.

Next was lattes at a bookstore. Unfortunately the latte did not sit well with me so I felt a little ill. But the rest of the date was nice. He kissed me by the giant foam swords and steampunk goggles.

7/16 (Mon): Actual Birthday. It was not as fun as expected. Thought I was going to go out to lunch with people but no one took me so was a bit disappointed but oh well. I got some Quiznos by myself. The new boss came by. She was super sweet and got me a present (some lemon soap) and wrapped it and included a crepe paper flower. I like her already.

After one job I went to the next one and my boss and his wife got me a purse and a card. So cute!!

I went to get my eyebrows done for free (cause you get them free on your birthday) but the lady wasn't in. I got a raincheck, though. Bought myself a birthday cupcake and had a sandwich.

Got lots of many well wishes, though that was super nice. Thanks for the well wishes!!!!!!!!!!


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