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I have noticed a trend. I suppose it also happens to include myself but...a lot of movies and TV shows seem to like naming red-haired characters Jessica. Here are but a few and how closely I am in personality/etc to them:

1.) Jessie From Toy Story 2 -
Jessie is a cowgirl that Woody the Cowboy runs into after he gets nabbed by Dennis Nedry. Jessie is high spirited and super excited. Granted I've seen this movie one and a half times, the half a time being when I was high on laughing gas in a dentist's office I might be making the whole thing up. I don't think I am, though.

Like me?: A little. She's probably from Texas, being a cowgirl and is way too freaking excited, which also sounds like me.

2.) Jessica Hamby from True Blood-
Jessica is a baby vamp, a girl who was turned by Bill Compton as penance for killing some other dude. She's new to the whole vampire world and starts to come into her own over time, starting off innocent but getting more powerful over time. Her relationship with her father is rocky and she immediately tries to kill him once she becomes a vampire.

Like me?: You know, Jessie and Jessica both have southern accents. I mostly don't but I do when I get mad. I also have the rocky relationship going and the innocence but slowly growing into my own thing.

3.) Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - Jessica isn't bad, she's drawn that way. Okay. Anyway, she's a sultry chick who married a rascally rabbit and got framed for killing some dude and she sings a saucy number.

Like me?: I can sing and I like funny guys. But would I marry a rabbit? I dunno. Hey I guess that means Jessica did marry him.

There are probably more out there but those are the ones I can think of.


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