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I had a nice little personal Christmas night. One of my coworkers (and former Professors) got me a present for Christmas: two sets of tea (Candy Cane Lane and Gingerbread something or other) and a Christmas mug. I had a tree in my garage I was determined to put up so I got it out. It sat in my kitchen for a few minutes, which the cats promptly started to sniff. I got out the ornaments and pulled the tree out of its box. It's a wee tree, about 3 feet tall.

Brewing myself a cup of Candy Cane Lane tea with my Christmas mug (white, with a ornament on it), I decorated my tree with glittering red and gold ornaments and little touches of unique trinkets that proclaimed 'Peace' and 'Love' while my Pandora station played some holiday themed jazz. Two clay cats with santa hats and boots settled on the upper and lower parts of the tree and a ceramic bird house was nestled among the branches. I topped it off with a strand of gold beads, feeling incredibly festive. I know a lot of people might not get to see it but it makes me happy. It's for me.

I probably won't get to buy a lot of presents since money is tight this year after an unexpected endoscopy procedure coming up that pretty much leaves a huge dent in my savings but I hope people'll understand. I enjoy the people thing the most. I usually hostess a holiday potluck at work and I look forward to having everyone bring dishes and sit around talking. Then I'll go to see the extended family and listen to them trade light barbs to one another before heading over to the immediate family's house where we can be together. It's nice to be able to revel in the closeness and the sparkles (both literal and figurative) and whatnot. I got my first Christmas card so I'm excited.

Not sure how to end this but...yeah. Happy Holidays!


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