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Current Place:

-Detached Garage
-Close to Park
-Two Closets
-Plenty of Space, Room/Kitchen Cabinet wise
-Spacious bathroom
-Built in bookcase
-Close to work
-Central Heat and Air
-Hardwood floors

The Landlords are TERRIBLE
There has been a family of skunks under the property for seven months. I have called, emailed, texted, and come by the office to ask them to take care of it. They put out traps, seven months ago. A cat was caught instead of a skunk so I let it out (it was in August during 3 months of consecutive 100-Degree weather). I wasn't sure how to reset the traps so I asked them to do it. They never did. The traps are still there 7 months later. They have not boarded up the hole the skunks are getting under.

Windows are original to the place (1940s).
They all have condensation. The wood on the window panes is crumbling. There are cracks in the glass. During winter in the living room it gets so cold even with the heater on that I cannot feel my hands and feet. They are also painted shut so I can't open them in case of fire.

Plumbing Problems
The plumbing backs up every six months, causing the toilets to overflow and sewer water to seep into the bathtub. A plumber has to come out and use a snake to clean out the pipes every six months, making me have to take off for work to be there for at least 2 hours. The problem is the pipes in the ground having a 'belly' which causes sewage to get clogged up, causing it to backup. It is fixable but it would cost $2000, or the plumbers can come out for $100 every months and clean out the pipes. Which one do you think my landlords went with? :)

The last time the plumbing backed up it also screwed up my kitchen plumbing and made water leak into the floor, resulting in them having to replace the pipes in the kitchen.

Right on Busy Street
With the windows being so thin I can hear the traffic and people going by constantly. I can also hear people talking as they walk by.

Doors Won't Close
The bedroom and bathroom doors won't close. I have had to install a latch to lock me in the bedroom/bathrooms.

Potential New Place

-Kitchen layout very nice, lots of space
-Bathroom layout very nice, about an equal amount of space to the current place, sans a medicine cabinet.
-2 minutes from my work verses 7 minutes from my current place.
-Windows newer than my current place, they also open
-Insulation very good. Place one block away from busy street but can barely hear traffic.
-Rent $25 cheaper plus they pay water, resulting in a potential $65.00 savings
-They take pets and no pet deposit.
-Glass door in front of front door so I can open the door if I want to and bugs won't be let in.
-All tile floors

Gas smell in apartment
Called landlords told them about it. They said they'd take care of it and the pilot light might be out in the stove. They said if need be they'd have the gas company come out to fix it.

Doors won't close to bedroom/bathroom
Landlords said they'd take care of it.

Window Unit in Bedroom/Heater in Living Room
No central heat and air but I'm hoping it'll just make my energy bills more efficient verses my current place where the cold/hot air was seeping out the windows before.

One Closet verses Two Closets
I've been meaning to downsize anyway and have been thinking about how I currently utilize my space and I haven't been using it effectively.

No Covered Parking
That sucks. But it's only about 10 steps to my door.

Neighbors are "Odd Looking"
The landlord's daughter told me that. I work with artists so my perception of weird and her perception of weird are probably different. But as long as they leave me alone and don't try to hurt me I think we'd get along.

Awkward Living Room Layout
The living room is an L-Shape and I have too much furniture so I'd have to downsize on living room furniture and have the couch's back to the door.

Immediate Concerns
-When I put in my 30 day notice that means I have to be out. This means if this current place falls through I still have to be out, which would mean a frantic search for a new place.

-Security Deposit + Prorated Rent for Current Place. The deposit is $400.00, which I could pay but I don't have enough to probably pay for prorated rent + utilities on my current place for the 10 days that it would run over into the next month. I suppose I would ask for a loan from family.

I'm not a big fan of change but I'm hoping this is for the best. Do people have experience with window units in the bedroom feeding the living room as well?


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